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Do not have any idea on how to plan your kid's birthday party? Come to us, we will help you to throw an unforgettable thematic party for your love one!

5 Feb, 2017


We are glad to inform that WE LOVE SGP will be officially opened at 6th August 2017! Come and join us to have some fun!

July 20, 2017

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As part of nation building and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, we are starting the first and only futuristic town of Singapore for kids in the year 2065 symbolizing a prosperous centurion nation.


Who We Are

We Love SGP is a kid's learning paradise that incorporates education with entertainment and values.

Created by Kent Ridge Education Group or passionately known to Singaporeans as KRTC, we provide the 'tool-kit' and 'first-aid' box for children to begin their learning journey wisely and prepare them for their future and challenges ahead.


Fronted by SG100 Foundation, we pledge to imbue core values and built characters with the spirit of nation building in the next generation.

The first of its kind in Singapore and perhaps globally too.

Vision & Mission

Vision: To prepare future generations of Singaporeans with the heart and wisdom to take Singapore to new heights 

Mission: To provide a strong foundation for children to begin this learning journey wisely and prepare them for their future and challenges ahead by:  

-Inculcating core-values to become responsible citizens

-Developing good character to become honorable citizens

-Imparting knowledge and skills with the capability to use them wisely to be smart citizens

-Cultivating strong spirit with the drive for progress to be worthy citizens

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