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Virtual Reality - The Art of 3D 

V.aRt is the first and only art program done in VR in Singapore. Our program is designed to expose kids to the immersive world of VR while expressing their creativity in the form of 3D drawing. 3D drawing was once reserved for professionals who had technical software training, but VR eliminates this barrier, making it so intuitive that kids can now pick up this skill at an early age.

Age Group
for 7 - 12 years old
Class Timings

Saturday (1.30 PM - 2.30 PM)


  • Basic
    A unique program designed to spark creativity and interest in the arts and VR technology. This module will focus on teaching the foundation skills of Google's Tilt Brush.

  • Intermediate
    Challenges students on to higher levels of sketching and techniques. We will be exposing them to forms of VR art that is beyond their years and help develop their unique talents.

  • Advance
    Students will start to learn Google's Blocks. Providing them with an alternative tool helps them identify strengths and weaknesses and challenges them to better manage resources.

  • Expert
    Time for the ultimate test! Students will collaborate on projects, using the skills taught to them, integrate the use of the 2 softwares to form their masterpiece for their graduation showcase. 


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