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Life Skills Programme

We Love SGP instill practical life skills into your child through experiential learning. 

Breaking away from traditional academic-focus classes, We Love SGP focuses on role playing which enables children to act out alternative scenarios and to find different ways to express social or emotional difficulties. They can learn assertiveness, social skills, leadership qualities and how to solve group-conflict through role-play and using the play space as a rehearsal for real-life situations. 


It's time for groceries shopping!


Your child will learn to identify the different kind of products being sold in the supermarket. They will also learn about the fundamentals on starting a business and to manage and operate a supermarket. They will also learn the basics on purchasing and selling, negotiations, budgeting, revenue, profit and loss.

Children will be introduced the importance and functions of the bank in the society. They will learn about basic financial literacy and fund management.


Techno Park 

The children will be enlightened on the importance and roles of media. They will also be guided on the use of social media and the precautions in using them.

Fire Station

Fire has always been a great tool to man until it turns against us. Here, your child will get the first hand experience to be a fireman and the responsibility that comes with it. They will also learn more about fire safety and the emergency procedures to undertake when disaster strikes.

Police Station

Your child will be taught on the importance and readiness in national security, personal safety and crime prevention. They will also be taught on the importance of respecting the law, maintaining order in the society and upholding justice.



Your child will learn more about their body and how to care for them. They will also learn about common sickness and potential sport injuries, their causes and prevention. 


General roles and function of a clinic, hospital and the medical professionals will be shared with them as well.

Town Council

The Town Council is the first of a kind concept to introduce township to young children.

Your child will learn the basic concepts on township and some of its roles and functions. This experience will provide insights for the young to understand and appreciate the importance of cooperation and tolerance in a community to live in harmony together

Acting Studio

The vibrant world of movie production, where students learn how to break a script down before drafting out storyboards and shot lists for the movie.

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